zondag 12 februari 2012

Day 43 - Victoria's Secret Angel and Daily Message

Alessandra Ambrosio

A lovely Victoria's Secret Angel for you all today, Alessandra Ambrosio.
I love these wings with all the little spangles.

Een geweldige Victoria's Secret Angel voor jullie allemaal vandaag, Allessandra Ambrosio.
Ik vind deze vleugels geweldig met al die kleine pailletten.

Daily Message:Learn and grow gently, by 'unlearning' pain and remembering love and you shall unravel the entanglements that have snared you.

Dagelijkse Boodschap:Leer en groei liefdevol door pijn af te leren en liefde te herinneren, en je zult de verwikkelingen ontwarren die je verstrikt hebben gehouden.

Angelic Love from Susan

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey... Lovely you have... very inspiring.

    I following now your blog from bloglovin ;o)
    Hope you will follow mine too - I blogging about spirituality, law of attraction and daily life. It's on Danish but there is a translator tab in the menubar ;o)


    1. Thank you so much for following me Sabrina :D.
      I love Bloglovin, it makes it real easy to follow ;).
      I will definitely check your blog out and see how that translator tab works.

      May I ask how did you find me, maybe via Doreen's Facebook site ?

      Angelic Love from Susan who has another blog too (click on my name or copy the link ;))


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