maandag 16 april 2012

Day 107 - Healing with the Angels message from Heaven

Today I went for a walk to the forest and took my very first Angel oracle deck of Doreen Virtue with me 'Healing with the Angels' I bought it in Miami when I was visiting my boyfriend Ville in 2000/2001. He is the one who passed away last tuesday the 10th of April, he was allready lots of years my exboyfriend.
But we still had contact once a while via email or phone.

I especially took this set with me because I wanted some answers. I still didn't hear about his funeral, tried to call his sister several times and just wanted to know if I had to let go and just wait until I hear something.
So I asked for a card with a clear sign of letting go or contact.

These are my cards as you can see the second card was 'Surrender & Release'.

Angelic Love from Susan who will come back soon to finish this story, my hubbie just came home from his evening out :).

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