vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Day 55 - Life Purpose Oracle Cards and Life Purpose Videos of Doreen Virtue

Today I want to share with you a card that I've drawn from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue.

Just like yesterday it's just one card which I've drawn; Infinite Abundance

Infinite Abundance - Life Purpose Oracle cards

You’re fully supported as you devote yourself to your Divine life purpose.

This card provides the reassurance that as you focus upon being of service and following your inner guidance, your needs are taken care of. The more you can let go of worry and trust in the universe's infinite abundance, the faster your flow of abundance comes to you. Always remember that prayer and positive feelings improve situations while worry worsens everything. You can give any concerns over to God and the angels for healing.

The abundance comes to you in unexpected ways, so you needn't waste time or energy trying to guess how your needs will be met. Instead, devote your thoughts and actions to following the voice within you. This is your career partner and manager, as it's the voice of your answered prayer. All prayers are heard and answered; listen especially to the response that comes to you in the form of intuition.

Hold positive visions and feelings of being financially secure. Affirm that this is your truth, right now. See and feel yourself completely supported ... and it is so! You will be given specific directions as how to enact the answers to your prayers. It's essential that you create quiet time to listen to this inner guidance and then act upon it without delay.

Wow what a great message from the Angels. This is a part of my Divine Life Purpose to share this blog with you, to spread the word of the Angels and God, to spread the word of Love and Light.
At another time I will tell more about what I further think what is my Divine Life Purpose.

I found the text via google on the Inner Diva Healing Blog. Thank you so much for sharing Lady Wolfdreams, it saves me lots of time with typing :D. She actually posted it exact one month ago on the 24 of January. Check her blog out if you want to know if you are an Earth Angel.

I also want to share with you a couple of life Purpose Videos which Doreen Virtue shares on Youtube via her 4AngelTherapy channel;

Angelic Love from Susan
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