maandag 26 maart 2012

Day 86 - An Oracle card from each Doreen Virtue set and Daily Message

Today I draw one card from each English Doreen Virtue oracle card set, maybe you can see that I'm missing one (I only have 'Messages from your Angels' as an app on my iPhone), I've drawn that one on my phone and then took the Dutch oracle set.

The support card is from my very first Doreen Virtue oracle card set. I've bought it in Miami.

The question I've asked and hold in mind with each set had everything to do with today's message on my perpetual calender;

Your access to health is eternally available and you need merely claim this because you desire more available time and energy for your holy purpose.

Lieverds ik hoop dat jullie Engels begrijpen, het gaat me nu even niet lukken om dit te vertalen.

Angelic Love from Susan

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