donderdag 12 januari 2012

Day 12 Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle messages

This morning I took my oracle; Daily Guidance from your Angels from Doreen Virtue and I have drawn 4 cards of which I'm going to share with you the messages what I've got when I was holding them in my hands.

What do you desire?

The message that I got on this one is; Have confidence, Your dreams Will come true, Everything is in it's Divine timing, release, Have faith, God works in mysterious ways.

Perfect Timing

The message what I got from this card wasn't that much, but very clear ;) ; It's the perfect time !!! Release worries !

Trustworthy Guidance

The message I received from this card is; You are safe ! Trust ! Open your crown chakra.

Have Confidence

The message what I got from this card is; Relax !
And then I felt a blanket of trust, love, peace over my whole body. I was at ease in peace :D

All these cards are also about the same theme as the last couple of days, creating your own life by holding positive thoughts, ideas, and have faith and trust in the Divine ways this will come true.
I'm very happy with them.

Nederlandse vertaling komt een dezer dagen, is er vandaag absoluut niet van gekomen. Maar hoop dat de meesten dit ook wel begrijpen.

Angelic Love from Susan
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