maandag 16 januari 2012

Day 16 - Daily Message and Several Oracle cards

At first I'm going to share the daily message with you, after I draw my cards of today, one of them was almost the same as the daily message of my Perpetual Flip Calendar of Doreen Virtue, so that's why I'm sharing it with you today.

January 16
You can ask us to come into your dreams and clear away emotional or physical distress. You may not recall the dream the next morning, but you will know that you were visited.

This morning I was on an 'emotional rollercoaster' and I really needed some support, some uplifting messages of the Angels.
So I took three of my most favourite decks and started shuffeling them one by one and was about to draw several cards, but of each deck only one card got stuck ;).
So I'm going to share all three cards with you;

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards; Believe and Trust

Angel Therapy Oracle Cards; Integrity

Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards; What do you Desire?

My Prayer: Before going to sleep tonight, say; "Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust. Let me be filled with strength, courage and confidence."

I did allready call upon Archangel Michael this morning and just asked him to replace fear, negative thoughts and worries with faith and trust...and so on...
It helped, it was easier for me to be not that emotional and just think straight.
I also went to the forest to make a walk, it always helps me being in nature and to be uplifted.
Also a dear friend of me called when I was having my walk, so just to talk to my friend about different things was also uplifting.

I actually didn't took the time to get into the other cards.
The last card; what do you desire? I had a couple of days ago also, so it was for me a message to focus on what I do want and not of what I don't want.

Further message of the card Believe and Trust;

To resolve this situation, you must believe that everything is healed and whole right now. As your faith grows stronger, the doorway to Divine solutions will open. Your trust enables your mind and body to relax, which increases your creative energy and strength - two qualities that will prove especially helpful to you.

Possible specific meanings: This situation will have a happy outcome - Positive thinking will bring you your desired outcome more rapidly - Give worries to God and the angels - Trust the person you're inquiring about - Believe in yourself!

Align your actions so that they match your values and inner knowingness of what's right for you.

Integrity: This card is a response to your questions or prayers about increasing your happiness and confidence. The angels' answer is: Only conduct activities that you believe are right. This is based on no-one else's code of conduct but your own.
The angels say that engaging in behaviours that you feel guilty or ashamed about erode your self-esteem and self-confidence.
Conversely, you can feel great about yourself by only doing that which you feel is right. Again, this is based on your own moral compass and no-one else's.
The angels can help you change or heal any situation or relationship so you're able to bring your entire life fully into alignment with your inner truth.

Action Steps;
Lie down and meditate in the process normally thought of as "daydreaming" - that is, allow your imagination to roam free. Instruct your mind, heart, and soul to show you a mental movie of you living your life at its healthiest and highest levels. Watch this movie, and notice how it makes you feel. Then say: "Archangel Michael, I ask that you help me arrange my life and daily activities so I'm fully immersed and engaged in actions that reflect my higher self. Please help me let go of any behaviours, habits, or actions that have engendered guilt or shame in the past; and replace them with actions I feel good about."
I found the description of the card Integrity at the blog; Charms of Light, Angel Card Messages of Caryl. Thank you so much Caryl you saved me a lot of time typing :D <3

"You now have the opportunity to write the script according to your heart's true desires. Once you clearly decide upon your true desires and know that you're ready and deserving of them, they'll rush into your life as if by magic."
I will share this message later...

Angelic Love from Susan
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